RMS Gravel, Inc.
290 Mott Road, PO Box 455, Dryden, NY 13053
Phone: (607) 844-8196    Fax: (607) 844-3752
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RMS Gravel, Inc.
290 Mott Road, PO Box 455, Dryden, NY 13053
Phone: (607) 844-8196
   Fax: (607) 844-3752
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Employment at RMS Gravel is typically seasonal with lay-off/unemployment during the slower winter months. Employees can typically expect to work 10-12 hour days during the busier summer and autumn months. If you are interested in working for RMS Gravel, Inc you can stop by the office at 290 Mott Road, Dryden, NY to pick up an application. We accept applications on a rolling basis for the following positions:

Truck Drivers
Most of our truck driving is contained within Tompkins County and Cortland County. We occasionally have trucking jobs outside these areas and occasionally ask our drivers to stay overnight at some  locations. All drivers must have a current DOT Physical on file with our office and a clean Commercial Drivers License.

Class B Drivers
Class B Drivers are responsible for local deliveries. Knowledge of Tompkins County and Cortland County are beneficial since most of our deliveries occur in this general area. Drivers need to be familiar with using ten-wheeler dump boxes, have good interpersonal skills while interacting with our customers, and be able to follow directions when finding the delivery locations. Drivers are responsible for identifying any maintenance problems with their truck and reporting those issues to our mechanic. They may also be asked to do general maintenance on their trucks including but not limited to changing oil, air filters, and tires.

Class A Drivers
Class A Driers are responsible for local deliveries and long distance hauling. Our need for long distance hauling is not as frequent as local deliveries, but is sometimes required. Just as with our Class B Drivers, familiarity of the Tompkins County and Cortland County areas are beneficial. Drivers need to be familiar with tractor-trailer dump box combinations, have good interpersonal skills while interacting with our customers, and be able to follow directions. Some of our Class A Drivers also haul heavy equipment for our rock crushing crews. Class A drivers involved with hauling heavy equipment must be able to follow directions and be willing to do heavy lifting of chains, shoveling and cleaning equipment prior to travel, and need to follow NYS DOT permit guidelines.

Crushing Crew Members
Our crushing crew members are usually expected to have experience using heavy equipment. CAT loaders and excavators are the most frequently utilized pieces of heavy equipment. The excavators are used on sites where mining occurs and loaders are used both for the rock crushing and the recycling plants. Many of our custom crushing jobs are located in locations throughout New York and Pennsylvania. The crushing crew members must be willing to stay out of town near these locations while working at a portable crushing site. RMS Gravel typically covers most travel expenses for crew members staying out of town including a hotel room and meals. As a member of the crushing crew you are expected to follow directives from our foremen and adhere to MSHA safety guidelines at all times. You can expect to work in all types of weather and should be able to help with maintenance, repairs, and shoveling when required.

Heavy Equipment Operators
RMS Gravel, Inc often seeks employees with experience operating and maintaining heavy equipment. Operators of heavy equipment should be able to safely operate CAT loaders for moving aggregates around, loading trucks and trailers, and feeding portable rock crushers while on a crushing job. CAT Excavator operators should be able to dig in a variety of substrates including shot rock and gravel beds. All operators are expected to be able to help with basic maintenance including greasing fittings and changing oil on their equipment.